Our goal has always been to give individuals the resources they need to discover their strengths, identify one or two KEY areas for development, and implement strategies for achieving higher levels of performance.


What’s the source of our passion?

Denny and Meredith worked for many years as management consultants, delivering training programs to thousands of people in hundreds of organizations. Our clients were delighted with our services.

But we discovered something disturbing…

The programs didn’t seem to have long-term impact on performance back on the job. Participants were enthusiastic about applying the skills they’d learned, but under the day-to-day pressures of the job, the old familiar patterns resurfaced – and the new skills were soon discarded.


We concluded that two important pieces were needed, so we created them!

1. A way to get FEEDBACK about behavior

To help people become more aware of the impact of their behavior on others – and on their overall effectiveness – we knew they needed FEEDBACK. We created our 20/20 Insight as a way for people to get a reality check. It’s easy to collect input from those who work closely with them, such as their manager and coworkers. They discover what those folks appreciate about their current performance, and what changes or improvements they’d like to see.

2. A system for FOLLOWUP

Discovering what others need and want is just the beginning. Real, lasting change only comes from knowing what the RIGHT behavior looks like and then practicing until it becomes second nature. We include self-development tools with for this purpose. We’ve also introduced a new service that takes personal and professional development to even higher levels.

After people have had the opportunity to work on improving a specific behavior, you can use 20/20 Insight again to assess their performance. This unique capability lets individuals compare their scores from two separate assessments (pre- and post-training/development initiatives) so they can see if performance has actually improved.