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If you've got questions about the best ways to use 360-degree feedback, make permanment improvements in performance, and measure the effectiveness of your training and development programs, you'll find solid, practical answers in the resources provided here.

20/20 Insight GOLD

Articles by PSS CEO Denny Coates

“How to Get the ROI You Want from Learning and Development Programs”

“People Skills Training: Are You Getting a Return on Your Investment?”

“The Ultimate Use for 360-degree Feedback: Measuring Individual Performance Improvement”

Support Coaching  Learn how you can help others get strong for life and work by being their support coach. Includes FREE access to 9 videos.

Meredith Bell, President

“How to Use Coaching to Make Training Stick”

In this 2014 webcast for the Association for Talent Development (ATD), Meredith Bell explains how to develop a cost-effective program to transform employees in your organization into support coaches. By offering encouragement, feedback, and accountability, your support coaches will help participants stay on track and apply what they have learned.

Marshall Goldsmith

"Feedback Wisdom from Marshall Goldsmith"

Marshall Goldsmith's book, What Got You Here Won't Get You There, is a must-read for leaders and coaches.

Enjoy this brief webinar (12:16 min.) with PSS President Meredith Bell. She explains how you can use 20/20 Insight to gather feedback and measure results while implementing strategies from this important book.

Meredith Bell and Denny Coates

“What Every Manager Should Know About Leadership,” A series of 8 interviews.

In these eight video segments, Meredith Bell interviews Dennis E. Coates, Ph.D., creator of ProStar Coach. Denny draws on over 45 years of leadership experience to deal with some enduring questions about how managers can become strong leaders.

Dr. Denny Coates

“Mythbusters: The Dark Secret of HRD and What To Do About It”

In this interview with Suzie Price of Priceless Professional Development, Denny Coates debunks 4 myths about training within organizations and discusses the importance of personal strengths and people skills.

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