Versatility is 20/20 Insight’s Middle Name!

People need an efficient, confidential and anonymous vehicle for giving feedback to each other. State-of-the-art software can simplify the process of collecting multi-source (360) feedback for anyone in your organization.

20/20 Insight GOLD is an incredibly versatile feedback tool. With this system, you can set up surveys to collect virtually any type of feedback—ideas, opinions, impressions, ratings—from any number of people about the performance of an individual, a team or even your organization as a whole.

EASILY customize 20/20 Insight to meet all your survey needs.

Every survey can be unique. Create all types of surveys and collect feedback for just about anything!
  • Leadership development. Diagnose skill strengths and areas for development of executives, managers and supervisors.
  • Managers’ coaching skills. Find out how effective managers are at coaching their direct reports about on-the-job performance.
  • Individual skill development. Have team members give each other feedback about team interaction and other workplace skills.
  • Team development. Assess team issues by collecting input from a variety of stakeholders.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys. Get feedback from clients and patrons to find out what you do well and what you may need to change to create and keep loyal customers.
  • Performance improvement assessment. Use before and after training to determine if the skills taught in class transfer to improved performance.
  • Competency development. Get feedback about draft competency lists. Ask stakeholders to rate the importance of the behaviors.
  • Organizational climate surveys. Collect information about your organization’s vision, values, policies, structure, communication and management support.
  • Post-training survey of organizational support. Survey participants of your training programs to find out if the current policies and systems support the application of new skills.
  • Needs assessment. Study performance data to decide where to invest for development programs.